Refinitiv, Formerly the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters, is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure. Serving more than 40,000 institutions in over 190 countries, we provide information, insights, and technology that drive innovation and performance in global markets. Our 160-year Reuters heritage of integrity enables customers to make critical decisions with confidence, while our unique open platform, best-in-class data, and cutting-edge technology bring greater opportunity to our customers. By advancing our customers, we drive progress for the entire financial community.

Enuit was founded in 2008 with a single goal in mind: To bring to market affordable, functional trade management software. Entrade is all of this and more. And, it really works. It can help your company track its transactions through the entire deal life cycle: From done deal through sent bill.

ENTRADE® supports Every commodity, every feature, and every user in one place.

There’s no Third Party or Legacy System to integrate.

We call it One Platform.

Whatever you trade, wherever you trade. Its universal deal manager and risk engine ensure that all of your trading activities can be well managed within one system, with one architecture, on one trade management platform. ENTRADE® also provides industry and market segment-specific logistics management forms and reports, which take into account the nuances of the specific logistical requirements of each commodity.

Enuit continuously invests in its technology stack and so 2019 ENUIT® decided to build into the core ENTRADE® system the functionality to not only support an entire business from Front to Back including but also all aspects related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

This led to the creation of ENTRADE® Unite, one of the few solutions to incorporate all the aspects of a Commodity Trading Risk Management system and all the aspects of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution directly in its core, in a single platform without cumbersome modules to enable integration and mapping from one system to another.

“ENTRADE® Unite creates an integrated solution that can support today’s supply chain needs of any trading organization, giving companies the opportunity to integrate trading and risk data with supply chain functions”.

To learn more about Enuit visit www.enuit.com


Founded in 2013, KWA Analytics is a unique consultancy with focus and experience in implementing trading, risk, and treasury management solutions. We bring together, under one roof, industry leading experts with complete related skill sets. Our people have unrivalled experience of implementations, upgrades, and solution architecture across a wide range of organizations. KWA Analytics has an established set of credentials as a trusted implementation consulting services provider.

About Lacima

Lacima is a multi-award winning specialist provider of software and advisory services dedicated to trading, valuation, optimization and risk management for global energy and commodities markets.

We help you to maximize your profit potential and make more informed decisions by providing tools that yield more accurate valuations, hedging analysis and risk exposure analysis for portfolios of financial contracts and physical assets. Lacima enables players to enjoy a world first - deals and positions can be valued, traded and subsequently risk managed using the same models and methodologies. 

Lacima Analytics is the only commercially available single application for valuation, optimization and risk management for multi-commodity/ multi-geography and/or multi-asset portfolios.

The Lacima Trader suite of products for Traders, Structurers and Front Office are designed to work as stand-alone trading and valuation tools capable of transparent drill down to detailed outputs and value drivers.  The Lacima Trader suite has been developed and tested using over one hundred real-world deals and is regularly expanded and enhanced.

Our clients (including trading, structuring, origination, valuation and risk teams in vertically integrated energy companies, energy retailers, financial institutions and large energy consumers), enjoy that our software solutions have been developed and implemented by peer-recognized experts in energy and commodity analytics, offering an unparalleled level of expertise and personalized support.

For further information, visit www.lacimagroup.com or email [email protected]

About Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group Limited (Macquarie) is a diversified financial group providing clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities. Founded in 1969, Macquarie employs 15,704 people in 31 markets. At 30 September 2019, Macquarie had assets under management of £309.2 billion. For further information, visit www.macquarie.com

ENGIE is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services. Together with its 170,000 employees,  customers, partners and stakeholders, ENGIE is committed to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally-friendly solutions. Inspired by its purpose (“raison d’être”), ENGIE reconciles economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet, building on its key businesses (gas, renewable energy, services) to offer competitive solutions to  customers. 

ENGIE ensures around-the-clock coverage with 5 trading floors (Paris, Brussels, Rome, Singapore and Houston) => ENGIE energy management experts ensure around-the-clock coverage with offices in 15 countries including 8 main spots Paris, Brussels, Rome, Houston, Singapore, London, Madrid, Bucharest​.

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