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Thursday 22nd November 2018

The Westin, Singapore 


Registration and refreshments


Welcome address

Alexander Campbell, Editor, ENERGY RISK


Chairperson's opening remarks

Peter Godfrey, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, THE ENERGY INSTITUTE


Keynote Address: The mounting geopolitical risks driving energy prices

Simo Dafir, Director, VOLGUARD and author of "Fuel Hedging and Risk Management"


Risk management in an era of changing market dynamics

  • The challenge of keeping pace with swiftly changing markets and new technology
  • What are the major risks and opportunities in today’s landscape?
  • How can risk managers adapt models to identify and seize new value?
  • Are today’s challenges different from the past? Do they need a new approach and new tools?

Mikal Bøe, Chief Risk Officer, CONVOY BULKSHIPS
Simo Dafir, Director, VOLGUARD and author of "Fuel Hedging and Risk Management"
Andrew Romanis, Vice President, Risk Management, OLAM INTERNATIONAL


Morning coffee & networking break


ETRM software in the era of Big Data, analytics, Cloud and AI

  • How is ETRM software embracing the new era of data science?
  • Tapping into unstructured data and social media using the Cloud
  • Developing an adequate data analytics system to fit your needs
  • The challenge of adding new products, business lines and commodities to an ETRM system

Stella Farrington
, Senior writer, Commodities desk, RISK.NET


Steve Hughes, CEO, Aspect – ION COMMODITIES
Peter Morrison, Global Oil Devops Manager, BP
Eric Tham, Senior Lecturer, Consultant of Analytics and AI, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE


Growing momentum in renewables

  • Managing strategic risks associated with renewables, distributed generation and smart grids
  • Balancing reliability, affordability and sustainability of clean energy
  • Impact of other clean technologies such as CCS and batteries on the market as well as risk management
  • Are renewables benefitting from the growing trends of green finance and ESG investing?

John Driscoll, Director, JTD ENERGY SERVICES

Laurence Kwan, Director, Energy, SUNSEAP ENERGY
Sriram Vasudevan, Partner and Managing Director, GRATICULE ASSET MANAGEMENT ASIA
Sushil Verma, Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific, GE EFS


Interactive Workshop: Energy in the next 5 years

Have direct input on the day’s discussion in an interactive polling session and a Q&A with a panel of industry experts from across the sector. The experts will share their forward-looking insights on key topics in energy risk management.

This session will be a participant led, with live polling directing the discussion with industry experts giving their feedback to the results and responding to questions.

  • What do see as being the biggest disruptive influences to the energy industry in Asia in the next five years?
  • What do you see as the biggest risks facing your business in the next five years?
  • What do you see as being the biggest influences on Asian energy markets in the next five years?
  • Will an Asian gas benchmark offer a real alternative to existing benchmarks for global gas trade in the next five years?
  • Will banks come back into commodities?

Peter Godfrey
, Managing Director- Asia Pacific, THE ENERGY INSTITUTE

Hassan Al-Alawi, Manager, Portfolio Management, OIL & GAS HOLDING COMPANY
John Driscoll, Director, JTD ENERGY SERVICES




Blockchain applications - Where do we currently stand?

  • Beyond Proof of Concept: overview of blockchain use cases in the energy industry and their level of success
  • Realistic ROI: How should firms approach investing in blockchain in its current form?
  • Regulations and Standards: What’s missing in the current regulatory landscape for blockchain enterprise adoption? What international standards are available to guide updates in workflow architecture, cyber security and compliance?

Yvonne Zhang, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AQUIFER INSTITUTE


The dynamics of LNG in Asia

  • LNG industry Basics & Market Impacts
  • The future of LNG industry
  • Global LNG Market Dynamics
  • Evolution of LNG trading

 Hassan Al-Alawi, Manager, Portfolio Management, OIL & GAS HOLDING COMPANY


Afternoon refreshment and networking break


AI in automation and machine learning - opportunities and challenges with intelligence systems in operations and risk

  • The current state of automation and AI in risk and operations
  • The types of AI
  • What the future holds



IMO 2020 the next big thing

  • What is IMO 2020 and what wider impact will it have beyond the maritime sector?
  • What can we expect for prices?
  • Will there be enough fuel capacity?
  • Does the regulation have a greater impact on our region?

Alexander Campbell

Mikal Bøe
, Chief Risk Officer, CONVOY BULKSHIPS
Tarun Dhingra, Managing Director, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
Iain Lawson, Head of Structured Products, BP
Zhai Ning, Head of Trading and Investment, SUNSHINE OIL


Chairperson's closing remarks


End of conference