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Registration and refreshments


Chair’s opening remarks

Peter Godfrey, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, The Energy Institute


Keynote Address


Risk Management in LNG and Power Markets in an era of Disruption and Uncertainty

  • Firefighting: Combatting volatility and changing markets
  • Embracing and harnessing new technologies to increase future profits
  • Market opportunities and risks for LNG buyers
  • Pricing and risk management in the LNG markets
  • Cost-efficient supply of LNG to meet customer demands
  • Assessing the biggest impending short-term and long-term risks


Nor Adila Ismail, Chief Risk Officer, Petronas

Deven Chitaliya, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Credit, Olam International

Senior representative from Pavillion tbc

10:45 Morning refreshments and networking break

LNG in Asia Market Drivers 

  • What movement have we seen on the JKM index?
  • Price formation and predictability issues: demand side vs supply side
  • Long term vs short term contracts
  • How to increase buyer hedging activity
  • Benchmarking for the future: Price relationship between oil and natural gas


Enterprise Risk Management – Measurement, Review and Reporting

Deven Chitaliya, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Credit, Olam International


Networking Lunch


All Star Commodities Exchanges Outlook

  • Trading in times of uncertainty
  • Which new products and services are available to customers?
  • Digitalisation and its impact on the commodities market
  • Adapting to new regulatory and political environments
  • Looking at the key trends that will shape the markets
  • Asian Exchanges in the coming years 

Moderator: Bill Herder, Head of Asia-Pacific, Futures Industry Association


Mohd Saleem, Head of South Asia, International Development, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

Jennifer Ilkiw, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, ICE Intercontinental Exchange

William Chin, Head of Commodities, SGX

William Fyfe, Head of Asia-Pacific, London Metal Exchange


Trendspotting: The Future of Energy Markets in a Decarbonizing World

From power market liberalization, new LNG pricing methods and the opening of China’s markets, Asian energy markets face unprecedented change. In this panel, trading experts debate the trends exerting the biggest influence on their businesses.

  • Learn which trends the experts are focusing on
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of this new energy landscape
  • The challenge of trading in an era of fast-paced change
  • How can a firm future-proof itself when the future is so unclear?
  • The issue with hydrocarbons under threat
  • Increased focused on resource/energy efficiency

Moderator: Peter Godfrey, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, The Energy Institute


Arthur Fan, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodities, Bank of China

Ning Zhai, Head of Trading and Investment, Sunshine Oil

John Driscoll, Chief Strategist and Director, JTD Energy


Afternoon refreshments and networking break


How do you go about Creating a Sustainability and Climate Risk Matrix?

  • How would you measure performance and success?
  • What tools could be used?
  • How could AI and other disruptive technologies be used? 
  • Modelling with a lack of historical data

Yvonne Zhang, Head of Product and Partnerships, HeveaConnect


Casestudy: Zero-Emission Energy for Transport and Industry

Climate gas emissions must reduce 90% by 2050. Transport and industry must find a future-proof solution. Liquid Thorium Fluoride Power fulfils the promise of ‘renewables’ with the delivery of atomic, without the waste.

Mikal Boe, CEO, Core-Power Holdings


Digitalisation of Energy Markets: Harnessing new Technologies to build the Risk Function of the Future

  • Which disruptive technologies are most promising for the trading and risk functions in the region?
  • How are ETRM systems interacting with these new technologies?
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis within ETRM systems and how they communicate

Moderator: Peter Godfrey, Managing Director Asia-Pacific, The Energy Institute


Donika Mustafa, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture, BP

Eric Tham, Senior Lecturer, Consultant of Analytics and AI, National University of Singapore

Usman Khan, Head of IT, JERA Global Markets


Chair's closing remarks and summary of the day’s findings 


End of Conference