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2020 Key themes

  • Trade recovery and latest dynamics of the Asian energy market in the times of political upheavals and COVID-19 aftermaths 
  • Navigating through low oil prices- how energy companies and market participants are coping with the oil price collapse. Implications of low oil prices and the outlook for new energy development, LNG, sustainable business models in renewable space
  • Preparing for negative pricing – what needs to be dome to minimize risk and implications for your portfolio. How exchanges can be prepared to cope with the processes and system when handling negative pricing 
  • Credit risk mitigation and models under extreme conditions
  • Corporate governance, risk culture and personal accountability -how auditing can be more transparent? What have we learnt from Hin Leong case. Banks’ lending processes and central databases to record physical assets.
  • Financial risk associated with new technology for renewables, hydrogen, solar systems and de-risking large scale projects in Asia. 
  • Conventional and Renewable energy market in Asia vs Europe and UK
  • Future of ETRM