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Energy Risk Asia

Singapore, November 21, 2019


Join us to discuss the latest trends and news impacting the energy market. Network with BP, Shell, Chevron, Petronas and more.

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Aggregating Demand. Bridging Markets. Connecting Supplies.

Pavilion Energy is a fully-integrated energy business headquartered in Singapore, the heart of Asia’s Energy & Financial Hub.

Our active role in energy trading and supply provides us with an in-depth understanding of global energy markets, allowing us to effectively monetise and mitigate risk.

Let our team of energy financial experts connect the dots between your energy risk challenges and the best solutions for your business at


Read what some industry leaders have to say about the growing momentum in renewables and LNG

Lionel Steinitz


LYS Energy

Hassan Al Alawi

Manager- Portfolio Management

Oil and Gas Holding Company

Ning Zhai

Head of Trading and Investment

Sunshine Oil


What challenges or opportunities are you facing with the growing push for renewables and what measures have you put into place to deal with them?

Current Energy Transition brings us to change our approach to energy generation and consumption. Energy Autonomy at residential, industrial and commercial scale as much as at government and utility scale, is one of this transition’s main spin-off. At LYS Energy Group, we believe that the energy’s landscape future is a compound having three fundamental models ie: Distributed Generation, Energy Storage and Smart Grid. Our sterling customer-centric business approach enables us to offer to the adopters, entirety of the benefits of this energy autonomy at affordable price.  

Alongside to our focus on developing our portfolio of distributed capacity, we dedicate constant efforts on R&D research and economic viability analysis of ready-to-market technologies. Our newly added business unit to the group LYS Energy research aims to bring means to an end, and deliver tangible economic value and elegant holistic solutions to our clients throughout two corollaries: [Energy + Storage] solutions and consumer behaviour researches.

How do you see the renewables market evolving in the near future?

Many challenges remain on the path towards mainstream adoption of distributed renewables. More specifically, adoption is still hindered by perception of risks, complexity and costs. We spend considerable efforts in educating our ecosystem and the adopters in order to mitigate the perception of these barriers. 

In addition, on top of technology and economic model innovations, there is a need to revamp the financial space i.e. understand the true nature of renewable energy assets so that innovative financing schemes can be deployed in the distributed generation model. Thus, LYS Energy is working with top-notch partners in order to stay ahead at the forefront of the financial space innovation.

What challenges are you facing with the growing push for renewables and LNG and what measures have you put into place to deal with them?

Structural reforms in the power and gas sectors and rising competition from renewables and alternative fuels are reshaping the global LNG industry. The main challenges with the growing push for LNG, in particular, are: 
•    Growing demand for gas 
•    Pricing of the LNG considering its link with oil priced & the recent increase of the latter.
•    The push for erosion of the traditional oil-linked LNG supply model, in favor of deals that are shorter, smaller and more flexible, and priced not against an associated commodity but LNG itself.
•    The environmental concerns pushing the use of LNG in the industrial and transport sectors 
•    The recent US/ China trade war and its side effect (e.g. on Canada and some of the other countries developing further LNG exports, such as Mozambique and expansion efforts in Papua New Guinea).

How do you see the LNG market evolving in the near future?

There are still a number of LNG projects under construction and a queue of credible new development projects to meet projected future demand for LNG, so availability is growing and appears likely to continue to grow.  Much of this new LNG will be flexible, therefore adding to availability in the short term market.  Additional flexible trade in LNG will promote more transparency in the market as trading increases and as trading counterparties seek to manage their risks.

What challenges are you facing with the growing push for renewables and LNG and what measures have you put into place to deal with them?

Traditional players in the oil and gas industry are very nervous about the disruptive nature of renewable energy, but to a less extent of LNG. Companies have started hedging against the disruption by pushing traditional refining business into petrochemical business, traditional upstream project expertise into gas/LNG project development. However, there are people who doubt the imminent timing of renewable, and it represents a good portion of people who stick to efficiency and technology improvement.

How do you see the LNG market evolving in the near future?

In the near future, it will gradually eat into the heating or power generating business as the world is moving into cleaner fuel from coal or oil related fuel. However, renewable itself represents the biggest challenge to LNG itself. The LNG market will continue its favourable position among all the fossil fuels in the near future, and as China continues its battle against pollution, but volatility will be high given such a policy driven country.

Growing geopolitical uncertainty, regulatory changes in the swaps and OTC markets, and the constant speculation on the direction of the oil price are some of the main challenges that are shaping energy markets in Asia.

Against this backdrop, Energy Risk Asia continues to be the pre-eminent event for traders and risk managers to discuss these pressing topics. The conference features a number of industry leaders - from market participants, regulators, analysts and commentators.

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