Programme 2018

Programme 2018

Programme 2018

Thursday 22nd November 2018

The Westin, Singapore 


Registration and refreshments


Welcome address

Alexander Campbell, Editor, ENERGY RISK


Chairperson's opening remarks

Peter Godfrey, Managing Director-Asia Pacific, THE ENERGY INSTITUTE


Keynote Address: The mounting geopolitical risks driving energy prices


Panel Discussion: Risk management in an era of changing market dynamics

  • The challenge of keeping pace with swiftly changing markets and new technology
  • What are the major risks and opportunities in today’s landscape?
  • How can risk managers adapt models to identify and seize new value?
  • Are today’s challenges different from the past? Do they need a new approach and new tools?

Mikal Bøe, Chief Risk Officer, CONVOY BULKSHIPS
Andrew Romanis, Vice President, Risk Management, OLAM INTERNATIONAL


Morning coffee & networking break


Panel Discussion: ETRM software in the era of Big Data, analytics, Cloud and AI

  • How is ETRM software embracing the new era of data science?
  • Tapping into unstructured data and social media using the Cloud
  • Developing an adequate data analytics system to fit your needs
  • The challenge of adding new products, business lines and commodities to an ETRM system

Stella Farrington
, Senior writer, Commodities desk, RISK.NET

Peter Morrison, Global Oil Devops Manager, BP
Greg Moyle, Head of Sales – Energy & Commodities, OpenLink
Eric Tham, Senior Lecturer, Consultant of Analytics and AI, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE


Panel Discussion: Growing momentum in renewables

  • Managing strategic risks associated with renewables, distributed generation and smart grids
  • Balancing reliability, affordability and sustainability of clean energy
  • Impact of other clean technologies such as CCS and batteries on the market as well as risk management
  • Are renewables benefitting from the growing trends of green finance and ESG investing?

John Driscoll, Director, JTD ENERGY SERVICES

Laurence Kwan, Director- Energy, SUNSEAP ENERGY
Sriram Vasudevan, Partner and Managing Director, GRATICULE ASSET MANAGEMENT ASIA
Sushil Verma, Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific, GE EFS


Interactive Workshop: Energy in the next 5 years

Have direct input on the day’s discussion in an interactive polling session and a Q&A with a panel of industry experts from across the sector. The experts will share their forward-looking insights on key topics in energy risk management.

This session will be a participant led, with live polling directing the discussion with industry experts giving their feedback to the results and responding to questions.

  • What do you consider to be the biggest risks to your business/to the energy industry in the next five years?
  • How do you adapt your business to survive and thrive in the new energy era?
  • How to navigate existential threats such as off-grid electricity production and climate regulation.
  • What’s the future for smart grid projects and clean technology in Asia?
  • What’s the short-term outlook for coal in Asia?
  • Will an Asian gas benchmark take off in the next five years?
  • Will banks come back into commodities?
  • Which developing technology do you believe will be implemented over the next 5 years

Peter Godfrey
, Managing Director- Asia Pacific, THE ENERGY INSTITUTE

Hassan Al-Alawi, Manager- Portfolio Management, OIL & GAS HOLDING COMPANY




Presentation: Blockchain applications - Where do we currently stand?

  • Beyond Proof of Concept: overview of blockchain use cases in the energy industry and their level of success
  • Realistic ROI: How should firms approach investing in blockchain in its current form?
  • Regulations and Standards: What’s missing in the current regulatory landscape for blockchain enterprise adoption? What international standards are available to guide updates in workflow architecture, cyber security and compliance?

Yvonne Zhang, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AQUIFER INSTITUTE


Presentation: The dynamics of LNG in Asia

  • LNG Industry Basics & Market Impacts
  • The future of LNG industry
  • Global LNG Market Dynamics
  • Evolution of LNG trading

 Hassan Al-Alawi, Manager- Portfolio Management, OIL & GAS HOLDING COMPANY


Afternoon refreshment and networking break


Presentation: AI in automation and machine learning - opportunities and challenges with intelligence systems in operations and risk

  • The current state of automation and AI in risk and operations
  • The types of AI
  • What the future holds



Fireside Chat: IMO 2020 the next big thing

  • What is IMO 2020 and what wider impact will it have beyond the maritime sector?
  • What can we expect for prices?
  • Will there be enough fuel capacity?
  • Does the regulation have a greater impact on our region?

Alexander Campbell

Mikal Bøe
, Chief Risk Officer, CONVOY BULKSHIPS
Tarun Dhingra, Managing Director, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
Zhai Ning, Head of Trading and Investment, SUNSHINE OIL


Chairperson closing remarks


End of conference