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09052Keynote address: Regulations and the changing Asian energy mix


0935CRO PANEL DISCUSSION: Surveying the current landscape of the Asian energy markets

  • Changing market dynamics:
    • Risk management: as major oil and gas producers welcome new energies (such as LNG, nuclear, renewables) into their energy mix, how are these companies changing their risk management systems, metrics, and analytics?
    • The trader arena: How are banks changing their approach to energy markets, and who are the new players stepping in where banks have left?
    • International regulatory changes: how will Mifid II impact Asian energy
  • Regional price dynamics:
    • Fundamental price dynamics (supply): how have projects in Australia, LNG leaving the US Sabine Pass, PNG relations between Singapore and Indonesia, and the CPEC influenced regional energy prices?
    • Fundamental price dynamics (demand): how have changes to electricity and power market regulations impacted regional energy prices?


1025PANEL DISCUSSION: Changing hedging strategies in energy markets

  • Swaps and OTC regulatory changes, how they’re shaping Asian energy markets
  • Is hedging becoming too expensive, with more regulations coming onboard?
  • Volatility dries up: following years of price swings, energy markets have settled into a thin spread in recent months. How is this changing hedging strategies?
  • How do utility providers deal with negative pricing?
  • With margins tightening again for many energy producers, what is the best hedging play?
  • Discounting swaps: Libor or OIS?
  • How liberalisation has in power markets changed hedging strategies
  • Opec/non-Opec relevance: Have risk managers stopped monitoring Opec announcements and starting looking toward China and Russia’s output figures to consider the future of oil prices?


Morning refreshment and networking break




1215PANEL DISCUSSION: Evolving ETRM systems

  • How ETRM systems can help with current regulatory requirements
  • How are Asian firms using ETRM platforms to deal with global reporting requirements?
  • Bringing together white label ETRM systems, and weighing up proprietary software
  • How can ETRM help with big data?


Lunch and networking


1405SPOTLIGHT ON: Renewable resources- the impact of green energy

  • The shift in corporate and governmental support for renewable energy
  • What are the best hedging strategies for renewable energy producers?
  • Shifting global appetites for renewable derivatives
  • How has the growth of wind and solar redefined and shaped modelling and analytics capabilities?
  • What impact does the renewable market have on energy prices?
  • How will Asian markets build infrastructure to support electric cars and how will this impact risk managers?
  • Understanding renewable energy regulation


1435PANEL DISCUSSION: The dynamics of LNG in Asia

  • Will LNG price decoupling from oil ever happen?
  • How are price setters and exchanges encouraging an LNG benchmark?
  • What role does LNG play in gas prices and gas balance in Asia?
  • Long term dynamics: how LNG contracts are moving from long to short, and what it means for the market
  • How will recent developments in Japan, China, India, and Malaysia change LNG markets?


Afternoon refreshment and networking break


1545ALL-STAR PANEL: The diverse Asia utilities market

  • How has deregulation changed risk management for utilities?
  • Will the introduction of AI and the smart grid transform utilities? What are the strategic risks involved with smart grids?
  • How tradable electricity futures have changed the market
  • The relationship between market structure and storage solutions
  • Battery and storage technologies: the effect on power prices and hedging strategies
  • Rising coal prices in China and the impact on the Chinese utilities market


1635CHAMPAGNE ROUNDTABLES: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

From session to roundtable- Take the day’s most contentious issues and fully engage with your peers in small interactive roundtable discussions to drill down, best practice share and take away diverse approaches to the same challenge from your fellow industry peers.

Roundtable 1: Know your risks: ERM for the energy industry

Roundtable 2: Credit risk in a low price environment

Roundtable 3: Trade surveillance and market manipulation

Roundtable 4: Using technology to enhance risk management in energy companies


1720HARVEST SESSION: Each host will share 3 key outcomes following their roundtable discussion




End of conference

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