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Michael McCaw, Editor, ENERGY RISK


Peter Godfrey, Managing Director, ENERGY INSTITUTE


09052OPENING KEYNOTE: Rethinking risk management in the new energy frontier

  • The emergence of truly liquid spot LNG markets in Asia and the risk management challenges that come with it
  • How traditional ways of identifying, measuring and managing risk for energy companies is evolving
  • Dealing with future energy challenges and risks

Dr. Olivier Herbelot, Chief Risk Officer, CHENIERE ENERGY


0935PANEL DISCUSSION: Game changers in Asia's energy markets

  • As traditional oil and gas producers welcome new energies - such as LNG, nuclear, renewables - into their energy mix, how are risk management systems, metrics and analytics evolving?
  • How are politics and global macro events trumping pure supply and demand dynamics?
  • As sustainability and environmental issues become a greater part of the energy dialogue, how is the market changing and how are major players reacting?
  • How have LNG exports from Australia and the US, PNG relations between Singapore and Indonesia, and the CPEC influenced Asian energy prices?
  • What is the outlook for Asia as global energy markets continue to shift, and barriers to overcome

Hak Bin Pek, Chief Executive, CRONUS ENERGY
Kazunari Fukui, Chief Marketing Officer, ASEAN, GE
Rewati Jain, Head - Market Risk & Strategy, ESSAR GROUP
Moderator: Peter Cockcroft, International risk expert


1025PANEL DISCUSSION: Gaining the edge: hedging against volatile energy prices

  • The launch of China's crude oil futures contract and its impact as the new Asia-based crude oil benchmark
  • Swaps and OTC regulatory changes, how they’re shaping Asian energy markets
  • Is hedging becoming too expensive, with more regulations coming onboard?
  • Volatility dries up: following years of price swings, energy markets have settled into a thin spread in recent months. How is this changing hedging strategies?
  • How do utility providers deal with negative pricing?
  • With margins tightening again for many energy producers, what is the best hedging play?
  • Discounting swaps: Libor or OIS?
  • How liberalisation in power markets has changed hedging strategies

Alex Engles, Head of Market Risk-Asia, NOBLE GROUP
Iain Lawson
, Head of Structured Products Eastern Hemisphere, BP
John Driscoll, 
Moderator: Michael McCaw, 


Morning refreshment and networking break


1145PRESENTATION: Guide to higher risk-adjusted returns

  • How do we know that positioning is becoming more important in driving prices and shaping sentiment?
  • Do speculators actually know what they're doing - should we ignore hedge funds or mimic them. 
  • The OBOS model - overbought (oversold) trading signals: based on the intersection of extreme price strength (weakness) and extreme long (short) positioning.
  • Dry Powder analysis: measuring whether speculators are able to increase their positions.
  • Mismatches in positioning: what do they mean for price and volatility?
  • How to measure what is driving the market: disentangling fundamentals from non-fundamentals.

Mark Keenan, Global Commodities Strategist and Head of Research - Asia Pacific, SOCIETE GENERALE


1215PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovations in energy trading

  • As ETRM systems become more than just a platform for risk management, what segment-specific modules are being developed to meet rising business needs to cope with volatile markets and new asset classes? 
  • Paving the future of energy trading: blockchain applications and, smart contracts 
  • The development of machine learning capabilities for energy and utility applications
  • Early adoption use cases 

Seamus Donoghue, Director, LYKKE
Tom James, Former Senior Energy Advisor, US Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) and CEO of NR CAPITAL
Moderator: Peter Cockcroft, International risk expert


Lunch and networking


1405PRESENTATION: MIFID II countdown: operational efficiency and reporting obligations

  • Key issues under the scope of MiFID II, the new market structure (SIs, MTFs and OTFs) pre-trade and post-trade transparency burdens
  • Fulfilling the two-part ‘ancillary activity' test exemptions, notification of exemptions, and reporting obligations
  • Clarifying the rules for position limits
  • Local implementation challenges and interpretations

Rahul Advani, Assistant Director-Public Policy, Asia Pacific, ISDA


1435PANEL DISCUSSION: LNG dynamics in Asia - is liquidity here to stay?

  • What shorter LNG contracts mean for the market over the long term
  • Will LNG prices ever decouple from oil?
  • How are price setters and exchanges encouraging an LNG benchmark?
  • What role does LNG play in gas prices and gas balance in Asia?
  • How will recent developments in Japan, China, India, and Malaysia change LNG markets?

Christophe Malet, Senior Vice President Upstream, HANAS NEW ENERGY
Richard Nelson, Partner, KING & SPALDING
Sheharyar Chughtai, Vice President - Asia Pacific, Project Finance, KOREA DEVELOPMENT BANK
Moderator: Tushar Poddar, Senior Energy Consultant


Afternoon refreshment and networking break


1545ALL-STAR PANEL: Powering up Asia's diverse utilities market

  • What impact has deregulation had on risk management policies at utility firms?
  • Will the introduction of artificial intelligence and the smart grid transform utilities? What risks arise from smart grid implementation?
  • How tradable electricity futures have changed markets
  • The relationship between market structure and storage solutions
  • Battery and storage technologies: the effect on power prices and hedging strategies
  • Rising coal prices in China and the impact on the country's utilities market

Lionel Steinitz, CEO and Founder, LYS ENERGY SOLUTIONS
Peter Godfrey
, Managing Director, ENERGY INSTITUTE
Rewati Jain, Head - Market Risk & Strategy, ESSAR GROUP
Moderator: Amanuel Haile-Mariam, Managing Director - Investment Execution Leader, GE ENERGY FINANCIAL SERVICES


1635CHAMPAGNE ROUNDTABLES: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

From session to roundtable - take the day’s most interesting issues and engage with your peers in small interactive roundtable discussions to share best practices, continue the debate, and take away diverse approaches to the same challenge from your fellow industry peers.

Roundtable 1: Renewable resources: the impact of green energy Led by: Lionel Steinitz, CEO and Founder, LYS ENERGY SOLUTIONS
Roundtable 2: Countdown to MIFID II/R L
ed by: Stanley Park, Managing Director & Head of Legal - APAC, SCOTIABANK
Roundtable 3: 
LNG contracts: latest contracting practices and options to leverage led by: Christophe Malet, Senior Vice President Upstream, HANAS NEW ENERGY
Roundtable 4: Using technology to enhance risk management policies
Led by: Tom James, Former Senior Energy Advisor, US Department of Defense (TFBSO) and CEO of NR CAPITAL


1720HARVEST SESSION: Each host will share 3 key outcomes following their roundtable discussion




End of conference

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